performance by Nik Nowak



The sculptor, musician, and engineer Nik Nowak invented the Sound Tank or “Soundpanzer”. Seemingly weaponry, the machine is equipped with huge 4000w loudspeakers, samplers, and mixers instead of a canon. Does this device therefore once more proofs media archaeologist Friedrich Kittler’s thesis that “rock music is misuse of military equipment”, only that today’s rock music still is techno? The artist, however, is said to feel sometimes as if he fuses with his gadget into a cyborg. At Krake Nik will be collaborating with Infinite Livez. INFINITE LIVEZ is a MC and artist who studied Chelsea Art College. His wide range of influences comes from such diverse sources as p-funk and surrealism. His first album “Bush Meat” was released on Big Dada Records in 2004 to immediate critical acclaim in the UK and abroad.

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