Mary Ocher was born on November 10, 1986 in Moscow, Russia. Fate brought her to Tel Aviv at the tender age of 4 and to Berlin at 20.She has been playing with various media, be it words, sound, color or movement since mastering the craft of songwriting at the age of 11.Other than being a stunning musician, Mary makes film, visual art, documentaries, music videos, art installations and poetry. She is a member of the international art collective autodiktat.
In Germany she’s collaborated with the labels Haute Areal, Buback and most recently, Klangbad. In the US –Related Records and Hairy Spider Legs.Canadian psych-guru King Khan is Mary’s musical mentor. They’ve recorded “EDEN”, her second album together at his Moon Studios.
As well as solo, Mary performs with her two drummers, YOUR GOVERNMENT. The self titled MO+YG was released in 2016 on Hans Joachim Irmler’s (Faust) label Klangbad. Mary’s next release, The West Against The People (produced with Irmler and featuring several fascinating collaborations and special features) is out in 2017.
As Mary Ocher continues to bewilder audiences with her powerful performances and incredible out-of-this-world voice, the shows have taken her from everywhere on the continent in Europe to North America, South East Asia and Oceania. She currently resides in Berlin and no plans at all…. only WORLD COMINATION!!!! 

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