Maria Psycho

Maria Psycho

It’s about a phantom, a weird phantomas of the club scene, who enters the stage again and again in new appearances, autonomously taking his place. He fills the space with life, makes folks smile, and disappears again. A mixture of clown, club kid, installation, and performance MARIA PSYCHO has been influenced by the British and American club kid movement of the 1980s and 1990s, around figures like Leigh Bowery and Michael Aliq, designers like Alexander Mc Queen and Andrej Bartenev, as well as clowns like David Lrible, Oleg Popow, and Berhard Paul. Maria Psycho desires to change normality, colour life, and subvert established gender norms. He would like to help make space for difference in society and likes to point at the possibility of realizing one’s true self and that it is always worth to embody what makes oneself happy.

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