Kyoka works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo and is known for her chaotic and direct musical approach and a heavy-rough sound, resulting in a broken pop-beat with experimental yet danceable rhythms. In 1999, she started to explore the potential of synthesizers/computers and during her stay in Los Angeles from 2004 to 2008, she enjoyed some first success when her songs charted at local radio stations. In 2008, her first mini-album “ufunfunfufu” was released on the berlin-based onpa))))) label, followed by “2ufunfunfufu” in 2009 and “3ufunfunfufu” as an exclusively digital release. 2012 saw the release of KYOKA’s first 12″ EP “iSH” on raster-noton, which is now to be followed by “is (is superpowered)”, her first full length album due in may, 2014. A quote by Ryuichi Sakamoto may underline the exceptional talent of Kyoka: “Panic! it sounds like a toy box turned up side down. how can she make such pretty and chaotic sounds!? I love it!”

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