Bristolians Adam Winchester and Christopher Jarman have sought out tones and frequencies from all manner of commonly discarded sound sources and shaped them into sharp-edged, rough-hewn tracks that celebrate the eerie mood of industrial music without resorting to the hackneyed clang of sheet metal and machinery. The internal resonance found in the negative space of an object, or the invisible fog of electromagnetic radiation; all facets that play into this unique creative approach, which truly seeks to yield musicality out of that which was not previously detectable by human senses.

Renate Knaup was the leadsinger of Amon Düül II, which was founded in 1970 and became one of the most important Krautrock bands and have set a mark in german rockhistory since then. Britains rockmagazine Melody Maker has titled them as the first ever German band, which has contributed to the international music scene.

The collaboration evoked, when Renate Knaup visited a show of Dot Product in Berlin and asked them after it to team up. The result is an all improvised live-show where Dot Product are weaving technosounds with their eld recordings and Renate’s vocals.

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