The Swedish duo released 3 full length albums in 3 years and has etched its unpronounceable name in the techno world as fast. Their music is composed with the soundscape and atmosphere that is meant to provide a deeper level of sonic connection, an unbound, rolling matrix of white noise & wrought iron percussion, replete with disembodied choirs that pan uncomfortably in and out of the sonic hinterland.

The Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Maia is working mostly around the concept of Analogue Cinema, exploring the medium potentiality, and expanding the aesthetic and technological “heritage” of the classic films procedures of working with 16mm and 8mm material.

SHXCXCHCXSH’s A/V in collaboration with the Pedro Maia, explores the analogue lm and aims to pay tribute to the celluloid lm – the main raw material used by cinema during its first century of existence – offering an exploration of both its qualities and limitations.

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:: Pedro Maia Artist Page ::

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