Krake 2017

KRAKE FESTIVAL is an annual Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music. Krake means octopus and the Festival is organised in a comparable way: reaching out to selected locations during one week presenting the best in electronic music, whatever style it is. The festival is of international scale but at the same time intimate and familiar, it does not have big sponsoring deals or different colour area passes, it’s a festival which puts the focus on artists who dare to step o the beaten tracks and stay true to themselves.

This summer the festival will take place for the 8th time and music lovers know we will bring a diverse mix of challenging electronic music – alongside a thoughtfully curated side-program.

We will start the festival on Monday in an extraordinary venue, where electronic music doesn’t happen on a day-to-day basis: Silent Green, a beautiful former crematorium in the north of Berlin, which operates for the last two years as an art and cultural center. It’s remarkable octagonal room with a dome on top offers us the perfect space to present performances outside of the usual club context and give the audience an unique experience of sounds and visuals. The spacious floor allows us to show performances with big or unusual set ups, like the kind of Phurpa with their selfmade instruments, some even made of real bones, or Anika. The high ceiling allows us to adjust extended screens, where visuals can even act more stimulant.

On Wednesday our friends from Lunchmeat Festival in Prague will take over Griessmuehle and present their own night. Besides bringing a well-curated line up, they will show what they’re best known for: an extraordinary light design concept of precisely crafted levels and degrees of darkness. Stay tuned!

Thursday will be the day you can rest your aching bones before we will kick o the weekend on Friday at Urban Spree. We will host the legendary Krake Label Boutique there again where Berlin labels and crews can represent themselves in the outside area of Urban Spree, while inside the geeks will get their proper delights with DIY-synth building and other workshops. For the night we will turn the whole venue into a big showcase of the Berlin scene with showcase slots for some of the labels and their most interesting artists. Additional to that the Gallery Room will host concerts of some of the nest electronic bands we could think of at the moment: Detroit’s one and only electronic wave band ADULT., Munich’s Beta Evers and Japanese experimental band Group A.

From Saturday to Monday morning The Kraken will mark the peak of the festival with a 36hrs+ nonstop party at Griessmuehle, which o ers the perfect setting for an extended party with its di erent oors and a seemingly never ending courtyard right next to the canal, which o ers a lot of space for a little rest under trees from all the techno-electro-acid-wave-house- disco-madness we are going to make happen inside. Amongst the many highlights there will be the world debut show of Dot Product with Renate Knaup from Amon Düül II, a powerful goth/doom live performance by Trepaneringsritualen, and the mechanical sequencer by Bam Bam. 


The line up and further information can be found here.