KRAKE 002 released april 2014 Krake002

KRAKE 002 contains mostly exclusive tracks of artists who played at the Krake festival in 2013. The A-side starts with a dark ambient drone by DÄMMERN, followed by a pop-fueled two-step hit by PHON.O. Next in line is Irishman EOMAC with a warm and deep IDM track already char- ted by none less than Thom Yorke of Radiohead, followed by „Resolution“, a little melancholic stepper by BILL YOUNGMAN. The B-side is being opened with a techno track by grandmaster MONOLAKE in his most typical dubby percussive style. For the next track FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER reduces the sounds to the max again to deliver a percussive track as minimalistic as can be. Legendary techno producer CRISTIAN VOGEL, known for his constant search for new values, closes the compilation with an avantgarde piece of noise and drones. Outstanding, we‘d say! Tracklist: A1 :: DÄMMERN - LIBERDA A2 :: PHON.O - TELL ME A3 :: EOMAC - NO NAME A4 :: BILL YOUNGMAN - RESOLUTION B1 :: MONOLAKE - INTERRUPT B2 :: FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER - UNDER_W B3 :: CRISTIAN VOGEL - NEW VALUES Cover Artwork: Jana Linke BUY NOW AT KILLEKILL SHOP

KRAKE 001 released april 2013

Krake 001_vinyl Krake 001 is a CD/LP compilation that features tracks by artists who played in 2012 for us. A few of them have been released on other labels before, but the bigger part of the material is exclusive. Some of the tracks were even recorded live at our festival. There are dark atmospheric drones by the likes of Thomas Köner, Shrubbn!!, Cassegrain and Dadub, sweet melodic pieces by Ulrich Schnauss, Bersarin Quartett, Kid606 and Barker, a bass heavy live recorded jam session by Tim Exile, mechanical grooves by Perc and Swarm Intelligence, melancholic epics by Goner, Alex Smoke and Lakker, and last but not least a sweet minimalistic dub track by grandmaster Pole. Come on, drown with us! Tracklist CD: 01 Thomas Köner - The Weary Seer 02 Bersarin Quartett - Mehr Als Alles Andere 03 Pole - Wipfel Dub 04 Cassegrain - Serpent 05 Perc - Kord 06 Alex Smoke - LiveOn 07 Swarm Intelligence - Shatter 08 Tim Exile - It’s Dark In Here, But I Still Love You (Live & Improvised at Krake festival 2012) 09 Lakker - Darcdub 10 Goner - Enka 11 Kid606 - Juju Voodoo 12 Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way To Fall (Live at Krake Festival 2012) 13 Dadub - Syncronic Pattern (Live at Krake Festival 2012) 14 SHRUBBN!! - Echos 3|415 Barker - Marston Vale Tracklist LP: A1 :: Thomas Köner - The Weary Seer A2 :: Cassegrain - Serpent A3 :: Perc - Kord A4 :: Tim Exile - It’s Dark In Here, But I Still Love You (Live & Improvised at Krake festival 2012) B1 :: Alex Smoke - LiveOn B2 :: Goner - Enka B3 :: Kid606 - Juju Voodoo B4 :: SHRUBBN!! - Echos 3|4 B5 :: Barker - Marston Vale BUY NOW AT KILLEKILL SHOP