::::::: lecture & presentation 19:30 X-RAY AUDIO pres. MUSIC ON BONES + LIVE RECORDING AND CUT ON X-RAY w/ surprise band

::::::: live acts & performances 20:30-01:00 WSR (contort) – live VINYL TERROR & HORROR – live performance ANNO STAMM & TRANSFORMA – a/v live show M-F-X (telepathic bubblebath) – live ::::::: club floor 24:00-end MONYA (corresponding positions) – live TAPIRUS (midnight shift) DAITO & ELAD MAGDASI (frontleft records) SAINT MAURICE (ordo viatorum, enfant-terrible) ::::::: garden floor D.B.D.D.H.K.P. AXIOM (crazy language, killekill) + more

We open the festival at Urban Spree, an amazing venue which combines industrial aesthetics with a sweet, personal DIY flair. We are exceptionally proud that we could allure the UK based X-RAY AUDIO project with the presentation of their research about what arguably was the world’s first existing bootleg culture. It developed in Russia in the 1940s, where music was illegally copied on used x-rays stolen from hospitals. Apart from their presentation, some rare pieces will be exhibited and a cut on an x-ray will be produced live. Besides we present the world debut of TRANSFORMA & ANNO STAMM (alias Anstam), a performance of broken vinyl and record players by VINYL TERROR & HORROR, raw junk analog digital techno garage bass by excellent live performer Thomas Mahmoud Zahl alias M-F-X plus a whole bunch of other DJs and live acts, who we find outstanding.




::::::: mainfloor ALEC EMPIRE (atari teenage riot, digital hardcore) SAMUEL KERRIDGE (downwards, contort) CODEX EMPIRE (aufnahme + wiedergabe) – live FALLBEIL (hafenschlamm, contort yourself) – live KUNO & SPACEINVASION (terminal operations) :: visuals: THE29NOV FILMS ::::::: open air floor DJ GLOW (trust)

After opening the festival at Urban Spree on Wednesday, Krake Festival will kick off the weekend on the two floors of Suicide Circus with a programming that is as much punk as it is techno: ALEC EMPIRE’s band Atari Teenage Riot fused anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi vocals with techno and created a style which they called digital hardcore. We are excited to have him play tonight! SAMUEL KERRIDGE is the man behind Contort, a high profile label whose aesthetics can most easily be described as post-punk, offering dark and blurred perspectives on today’s society, visually as well as musically. His extended DJ sets are known for the variety of dark styles which he includes into his sets, whether it’s punk, wave, drone and sheer noise. FALLBEIL is a duo from Hamburg, which is known for their extremely distorted slow and heavy electro. They usually bring a whole bunch of instruments including tape delays and other outdated stuff to create their hard-hitting slo-mo grooves. British producer CODEX EMPIRE comes from the renowned Aufnahme + Wiedergabe stall and presents his mix between industrial and straight techno. Berlin’s newcomers KUNO & SPACEINVASION round the whole thing off – they all have found their place on the wide scale between punk and techno. Visionary THE29NOV FILMS will accompany this soundtrack with matching motion pictures. As a contrast to this dark show-off indoors, on the open air-floor we have VERTICAL 67 with his melodic electro and CURSOR MINER with his humorous fun mix of bass-heavy techno and electro as live acts, being interrupted by Neukölln’s DJ WORDS. The night will be closed by DJ GLOW, a DJ legend from Vienna’s scene of the 90s, who is still hot on the wheels of steel, also releasing interesting records on his outcast label Trust.



sat & sun, 30. & 31. 7.


::: LABEL BOUTIQUE 14:00-21:00

We have invited a bunch of independent music labels who fit our taste. Do some record shopping, meet and greet, or just hang out with the following labels:

712 Distribution, Arboretum, Analogic Density, Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, Bass4Bots, Chronicle, CLFT, Code is Law, Contort, Corresponding Positions, Counterchange, Crazy Language, Destroy All Monsters, Diffuse Reality, Dock, Escapism, Figure, Flexiwave, Fullpanda, Hafenschlamm, Hands, Hypnus, Idroscalo Dischi, Ilian Tape, Infrastructure New York, Instruments of Discipline, JT Series, Jealous God, Kann, Killekill, Kynant, Lack, Mechanical Thought, Mechatronica, Midnight Shift, Mindwaves, Modal Analysis, Monolith Rec, Mord, Mindwaves, Pi Electronics, Picnic 34, Planete Rouge, Polegroup, Poverty is Violence, Raster-Noton, Ravage, Readymade Distribution, Ressort Imprint, Sample & Hold, Schamoni Musik, SolarOne Music, Sonic Soundscape Lab, SVS, Superb Recordings, Terminal Operations, The Lumen Lake, Thema, Topic Drift, Tresor, Trust, Unknot, Voitax, Wall Music, Warmup Recordings, Wavereform, Workshop + many more

Please note: We are organizing a raffle (tombola) with interesting prizes by the labels plus some special prizes by Native Instruments, Sennheiser and others. All profit will go to these two organizations who help refugees in different ways: &

+ DIY SYNTHESIZER WORKSHOP by Leaf Audio. Very limited tickets available here: + TURNTABLE NOISE ORCHESTRA – A special vinyl performance by Max Durante + DJs all day long

------------- ::: FILM SCREENING: I DREAM OF WIRES 22:00 A legendary documentary about the history, demise, and resurgence of the modular synthesizer, featuring interviews with over 100 modular musicians, inventors and enthusiasts, including Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Gary Numan,Vince Clarke (Erasure), Morton Subotnick, Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Daniel Miller, Carl Craig, Flood, Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy), James Holden, Factory Floor, Legowelt, Clark, John Foxx and Bernie Krause, as well as modular manufacturers Doepfer, Modcan, and Make Noise.

music programming starts: 23:00

::::::: live acts: CEEPHAX ACID CREW (rephlex, waltzer) – live KYOKA (raster-noton) – live ANSOME (mord) – live THE EXALTICS (solar one music, bunker) – live DEZ WILLIAMS (shipwrec, killekill) – live SYL KOUGAÏ (hymen records, schematic) – live ANNA BOLENA (idroscalo dischi) – live MOGANO (arboretum) – live/dj hybrid BUNAI CARUS (mindwaves) – live + more

::::::: djs: BAS MOOY (mord) MAX DURANTE (sonic groove) ALIENATA (killekill, kat channel) JASSS (mannequin) REKA (tresor) PAÁL & EZURI (voitax) HOPS (hardwax) MADALBA (arkita) SEBASTIAN KÖKOW (the29nov films) UNHUMAN & SIRIO GRY J (monolith, liber null) – b2b dj set LARS HEMMERLING (lada, fullpanda, dock) NO FRILLS (werk) PAT FLANDERS (mindwaves) & more

::::::: 12 hour synth jam – modular and more feat. ANDI TEICHMANN (noland) OLAF GIESBRECHT (transistors of mercy, audiowerkstatt) BACK TO THE LAB (magic power) NIKI NEECKE (electroNiki’s universum, useful_updates) J. MANUEL (werk) + more

::::::: art performances & installations SOUNDPANZER feat. INFINITE LIVEZ – performance by Nik Nowak LUNCHMEAT – light installation MARIA PSYCHO – body performance + more

For Saturday and Sunday we will use a new venue: Grießmühle in Neukölln, one of the underground places of the Berlin scene today, rough, loud and dirty – but with the appeal of a place run by people with passion. During daytime you will be able to browse through records of selected electronic music labels, visit a DIY workshop for building your own synthesizer, or watch a screening of “I dream of wires” – the legendary documentary about the history, demise and resurgence of the modular synthesizer – performances and much more. At night you will find the labels’ artists playing on one of the many floors indoors and outdoors. From weirdo electro to dark industrial techno, from new wave to house and IDM, everything will be there.

Come on down with us!