Dez Williams

Dez Williams

His day job at an electronic components factory means that he is no stranger to repetition, rhythm and electronics. His sound is perhaps a product of his daily grind with boredom, escapism and a long term passion for technology, horror and science fiction. Inspired by many of the classic Chicago/Detroit/electro/techno producers, like the finest, his sound is unique, uncompromising and unpredictable. His vision of techno is deep and futuristic with a heavy dose of funk. Dez’s passion for sound and the darker side of the human spirit compels him to create tracks on an almost daily basis and he sits on an incredibly vast archive of cassettes, mini-discs and CDs of his work. DEZ WILLIAMS has constantly retained an underground-/cult fanbase. His debut LP ‘Elektronik Religion’ for the SCSI label was hailed as “One of the very few truly great electro albums of the new century”. Dez has had releases on a variety of record labels including Bedouin, Earwiggle, Trust, Minimal Soul, Warmdata, Acruacree, Ai, Cheap, SCSI-AV, Killekill, Blase, Voodoo, and Ben Sims’ Native imprint. Williams’ tracks have found their way into the sets of DJ’s like Dave Clarke, Andrea Parker, Adam X, John Peel, Ellen Allien, Mike Dred and Rob Hall. His tracks can range from driving techno, to melancholic and dark synthesizer orchestrations, ghostly deep listening, straight up electro cuts and beyond.

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