Alienata is a returning guest, she played Krake Festival twice until now and since she is constantly developing and renewing herself and at the same time keeping her unique alienated style we decided to book her again this year. ALIENATA moved from Spain to Berlin in 2011 and has influenced the Berlin music scene since then in various ways. Not only did she play at selected events in clubs like Suicide Circus, Berghain Kantine, Berghain, CTM Festival, About Blank or Tresor, she also works in her natural habitat at Record Loft. She recently released her first production on her own label Kat Channel, a collaboration with Snuffo from Snuff Crew. When behind the decks, Alienata is closely attuned to both internal and external influences, and is unconcerned with providing listeners with an ‘easy experience.’ “My main intention when I play as Alienata is to alienate people,” she has said. There are not many DJs who always keep a little surprise for you, so we’re thrilled to have her on board again this year! Click the link to watch an interview we did with her last year.

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