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The online pre­sale has been stopped with the start of the fes­ti­val. You can still get pre-sale tick­ets at Dense records (Bersarinplatz/Friedrichshain)​ or just pay at the counter box at the sin­gle clubs.  We only rec­om­mend to come early! : )

Every­body buy­ing a full fes­ti­val ticket has the chance to win the awe­some Native Instru­ments MASCHINE or the soft­ware bun­dle KOMPLETE ELEMENTS with cool stu­dio tools and over 3GB of samples!

Monday, aug 15th — Opening Night @ Roter Salon/Volksbühne

OVAL — spe­cial live per­for­mance
ADAM WEISHAUPT — spe­cial dj-set

The open­ing night of the KRAKE FESTIVAL 2011 will take place at Roter Salon/Volksbühne, one hall at one of the main the­aters in Berlin, and is ded­i­cated to that live expe­ri­ence, be it mov­ing, enter­tain­ing or just plainly mind-boggling.
OVAL , one of the pio­neers of glitch who after almost ten years just released a crit­i­cally acclaimed and bound­ary push­ing new album “O“, will present a very spe­cial audio/video per­for­mance com­bin­ing rad­i­cally changed ver­sions of “O” tracks, loads of pre­vi­ously unre­leased mate­r­ial and a live pre­miere of “OvalDNA”, his upcom­ing album to be released in novem­ber this year with visu­als by Amber­ley Pro­duc­tions, the fab­u­lous team behind his lat­est music videos.
Another very spe­cial guest is KLAUS BEYER , an art-brut kind of guy, a work­ing class hero, a one man show on no wheels and the “van Gogh of Home Movies”, being famous not only for his cut up Bea­t­les song cov­ers in Ger­man but also for his work with the infa­mous Christoph Schlin­gen­sief and Jörg Buttgereit. Far away from all arty elec­tronic music atti­tude this man’s appear­ance guar­an­tees an unfor­get­table expe­ri­ence.
Songs about love and the art of los­ing will be sung by ALEXANDER SPREE , a real Berlin bohemian for­merly part of the noise/punk rock elec­tron­ics band Aeox and now being a solo enter­tainer on stage, a clar­inet and a piano being his only companions.

ADAM WEISHAUPT, dj, pro­moter and co-organizer of the Krake-Festival will be the DJ to per­fect this first night with a dj set full of weird elec­tron­ica and just any­thing that might go on a night like this.


pre sale: 8€ // box office 10€   Start 20:00

Wednesday, aug 17th — Dromoscope @ Berghain Kantine

DADUB (stro­bo­scopic artefacts/italia) — dj set
ØE (farmacia901, dromoscope/italia) — live
MAESIA (dro­mo­scope crew/italia) — live
MDF (farmacia901, minus habens, dromoscope/italia) — live
PLASTER + LASAL (kvitnu, dromoscope/italia) — live
visu­als: ORGON [dro­mo­scope crew)

A night full of drones, noises and small lit­tle melodies com­ing from one ot the most inno­v­a­tive crews from Italy. An avant­garde night dis­play­ing the real beauty of that country.

The per­form­ing artists of this night are:
ØE (Fabio Per­letta), who will cre­ate his shap­ing sound archi­tec­tures live.
MAESIA, whose live per­for­mance will fea­ture syn­cretic, hyp­notic, chaotic beats.
MDF, who presents his dark abstract hip hop and IDM forms.
And PLASTER, an elec­tronic music project, that has shared stage with impor­tant artist such as Alva Noto, Frank Bretschnei­der and Cris­t­ian Vogel already and
will deliver a spe­cial audio/visual live expe­ri­ence in coop­er­a­ton with LASAL.

The visu­als for te other artists will be deliverd by ORGON a visual and music project tak­ing shapes and images from pre-recorded super8 films, movies, gen­er­a­tive visual soft­ware, 3D or pro­gram­ming ambi­ent result­ing in his inti­mate approach of the vision­ary world.
Addi­tion­ally to this DADUB as rep­re­sen­ta­tives of Stro­bo­scopic Arte­facts, one of the techno labels of the moment, will be there to tease the dancers with their typ­i­cal mix of ambi­ent, dub, exper­i­men­tal and techno music.

Blur with us!

pre sale: 8€ // box office 10€   Start 22:00

Thursday, aug 18th — Teleport — A Littlebig Showcase @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

THE FIELD (kom­pakt) — live
THREE TRAPPED TIGERS (blood and bis­cuits) — live
EMIKA (ninja tune) — live
DJ SCOTCH EGG (wrong music) — live
RUDI ZYGADLO (planet mu) — live
+ leisure sys­tem djs

TELEPORT is a new show­case of chal­leng­ing and elec­tri­fy­ing new music, curated by Lit­tleBig, one of Europe’s lead­ing agen­cies for forward-thinking music. For this years issue of KRAKE FESTIVAL they put together a pro­gram, that will as much please riff-addicted guitar-aficionados as thought­ful elec­tron­ica lovers and glowstick-wielding ravers.

The night will be head­lined by Axel Will­ner aka THE FIELD (http://​www​.myspace​.com/​t​h​e​f​i​e​l​d​s​t​hlm), famous for pro­duc­ing some of the crit­i­cally best received albums that KOMPAKT put out in recent years. KOMPAKT is not a sur­pris­ing choice, because THE FIELD’s music cer­tainly con­tains resem­blances to Wolf­gang Voigt’s leg­endary GAS project. It lies some­where between psy­che­delic techno, deep ambi­ent explo­rations and trance rock struc­tures, break­ing down the walls sep­a­rat­ing those gen­res from each other and mix­ing them into a new soul­ful hybrid that is THE FIELD. With the help of per­cus­sion­ist Dan Enqvist and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söder­strom THE FIELD per­forms as a three piece live-band, turn­ing the sub­tle­ness and fragility of his music into a pow­er­ful and breath­less space opera. Pre­pare your­self to raise your arms into the air and not to let them down for at least 60 minutes.

THREE TRAPPED TIGERS (http://​three​trappedtigers​.com/) is a band, that was band born out of a com­mon chal­lenge: Is it pos­si­ble to take the ele­ments of IDM, replace com­put­ers with humans, ren­der­ing a back­ing track redun­dant and adding a human­ized dimen­sion to a robotic genre, all in the for­mat of a live band? THREE TRAPPED TIGERS have, in their short exis­tence so far, proved there really are no lim­its to their imag­i­na­tion or abil­ity. Expect a mind melt­ing but beau­ti­ful meld­ing of melody, pro­gres­sive live elec­tro with oppor­tune slashes of vis­ceral gui­tar. Furi­ously schiz­o­phrenic and com­plex duelling Nintendo-style synths and tex­tural elec­tron­ica. This exper­i­men­tal trio from Lon­don play like three caged beasts – sheer raw energy and power con­tained. May 2011 saw the release of the band’s highly antic­i­pated debut album ‘Route One Or Die’, the open­ing track can be down­loaded for free at www​.three​trappedtigers​.com

With a back­ground in clas­si­cal piano and com­po­si­tion, EMIKA (http://​www​.nin​jatune​.net/​e​m​i​ka/) brings a fresh new voice to the ever-evolving world of elec­tronic music. Mix­ing dark tex­tures with artic­u­late vocals, her recent releases on Ninja Tune have been caus­ing a real stir. Hav­ing lived through the for­ma­tive years of the recent global explo­sion in bass music com­ing out of Bris­tol, she now lives in Berlin where she works as a sound designer for Native Instru­ments. This also gave her the chance to work on an unique com­pi­la­tion of music: Intrigued by sto­ries of how the club spaces and sound sys­tems influ­ence the res­i­dent DJ sets and pro­duc­tions, Emika was curi­ous to explore what music could be made from the build­ing itself and cre­ated over tge period of two months record­ings inside BERGHAIN, while the club was closed to the pub­lic and edited them into a library of sounds. The library was then given to all the Ostgut Ton artists, but also to club asso­ciates like DJ Pete aka Sub­stance, Dinky, Cassy, Mar­garet Dygas, Ryan Elliott and Scuba using his SCB alias, to make music with.
She describes her­self as “mak­ing pop, but with a hard edge, play­ing dif­fer­ent sounds and inten­si­ties against each other. I try to stay on the fence, leav­ing from for the lis­tener to cre­ate a sense of what its about. It’s all about ten­sion for me”.

RUDI ZYGADLO (http://​rudi​-zygadlo​.tum​blr​.com/) makes pop music like no-one else, tak­ing the fun­da­men­tals of dance music in a direc­tion that is as unex­pected as it is unique. He’s cre­ated an amal­ga­ma­tion of pop song writ­ing with a con­tem­po­rary elec­tronic rewiring which is heavy with influ­ences as wide as Frank Zappa, John Car­pen­ter, East­ern Euro­pean Clas­si­cal music and con­tem­po­rary US indie. Work­ing like a dis­ci­plined artist, Rudi’s music squeezes the most out of what he’s got. Rudi works with a restricted palette of sounds, lay­er­ing on live instru­ments to give the music an added depth. The results are astound­ing and the live show (com­plete with elec­tron­i­cally twisted live vocals) is truly some­thing to behold. Grow­ing up in the Scot­tish coun­try­side to artist par­ents with­out a T.V. but with access to plenty of music, young Rudi would fall asleep to Hen­drix at the age of 8 and devel­oped a lik­ing for his father’s tastes in Clas­si­cal music too. He started to per­form music early on in his teens and joined groups, but always had a wish to cre­ate the music tucked away in his head, which finally accu­mu­lated in his highly praised debut album “Great West­ern Lay­men” (Planet Mu). After exten­sive tour­ing and a relo­ca­tion to Berlin 2011, RUDI ZYGADLO works on a new record, cre­at­ing more weird, colour­ful, exag­ger­ated, play­ful, and unique pop songs.

Japan’s nois­i­est export, Shigeru Isi­hara aka DJ SCOTCH EGG (http://​www​.myspace​.com/​d​j​s​c​o​t​c​h​egg), never com­pleted Tetris as a child. So now he wreaks his vengeance upon the world, armed with a Game­boy and a mega­phone. Due to col­lab­o­rat­ing with just about every­one in the music indus­try, the Scotch Egg sound is con­stantly evolv­ing and is bound to touch on some­thing you’ll enjoy. …That is when your hear­ing finally returns.

The night is sup­ported by the LEISURE SYSTEM (www​.leisuresys​tem​.net) crew, who has has been for the last three years run­ning Berlin’s pre­miere night for exper­i­men­tal dance music at BERGHAIN.

pre sale: 13€ // box office 15€   Start 19:00

Friday, aug 19th — Suicide Circus

MIKA VAINIO (touch, raster-noton, ex-pan sonic, Ø) — live
LEGOWELT (bunker, crème orga­ni­za­tion) — live
GLOBAL GOON (rephlex) — live
EOD (kvist) — live
ULTRA DEEP FIELD (krake) — live
HEADNOAKS (blackred) — dj
EGOSHOOTER (hdt!) — dj
MISSAW (cen­trifuge) — dj
DJ FLUSH (killekill) — dj
KRAKE BOYS (krake) — dj team

Visu­als: LASAL

MIKA VAINIO,cur­rently based in Berlin, was one half of the min­i­mal elec­tronic duo Pan Sonic from Fin­land, (the other half was Ilpo Väisä­nen). Before start­ing Pan Sonic in the begin­ning of the 90’s Mika Vainio has played elec­tron­ics and drums as part of the early Finnish indus­trial and noise scene. His solo works, under his own name and under aliases like Ø, are known for their ana­logue warmth and elec­tronic harsh­ness. Be it abstract drone works or min­i­mal avant techno, Vainio is always cre­at­ing unique, phys­i­cal sounds.

His artis­tic work is famous not only in the club scene but also highly acclaimed in the inter­na­tional art scene since he does not only make noisy drones for the clubs but also per­for­mances of honk­ing cars and such things. We eagerly await his show for Krake that we expect to be MASSIVE!

Sec­ond live act to head­line that night is LEGOWELT, an inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed artist whose musi­cal scope ranges from jack­ing acid to har­monic elec­tro, obscure & roman­tic with a strong love for ghetto tech. An inter­est­ing and intense per­for­mance of dance music is to be expected.

GLOBAL GOON, EOD, and the leg­endary ambi­ent dj MIXMASTER MORRIS are all well known avant­garde musi­cians. Each of them with a very par­tic­u­lar style, highly respected and very rare to be seen in Berlin.

Krake brings them alto­gether and adds some strong visu­als of LASAL, a visual artist recently trav­el­ling the whole world with his extra­or­di­nary abstract video art.

The res­i­dents and sup­port­ing djs round this night up to a strong injec­tion of good music.

pre sale: 13€ // box office 15€  Start 24:00

Saturday, aug 20th — Suicide Circus

JIMMY EDGAR (k7, warp) — live
REDSHAPE (delsin) — dj
BOLA (skam) — live
BILL YOUNGMAN (killekill) — live
HUBBLE (archipel) — dj
BLEED (de:bug) — dj
AREA BOY (leisure sys­tem) — dj
FEELAZ (extension/pl) — dj

Visu­als: Trans­forma

JIMMY EDGAR (Warp, K7!), whose album “XXX” recently gained inter­na­tional respect is actu­ally a young hot shot man­u­fac­tur­ing a unique and provoca­tive ultra mod­ern funk con­sist­ing of clas­sic ele­ments, r’n’b and hip hop. Cut­ting edge, bathed in warmth and unbe­liev­ably funky. A live act you will not forget.

REDSHAPE is one of the inter­na­tion­ally best known artists in the elec­tronic club scene. As a DJ he is still very inspired by the good old school of mix­ing and mak­ing tracks speak to tracks, mak­ing music out of music. His music and remixes has been released on thou­sands of well known labels. This night we can hear for our­selves what Res­i­dent Advisor’s Pete Cham­bers meant when he said: “The future of the past never sounded more contemporary.”

BOLA is another guest we are very proud to present! His music is of unbe­liev­able beauty and his appear­ances are so rare, we are still shocked we could win him for our festival.

Jack of all trades BILL YOUNGMAN recently start­ing off again with a rede­f­i­n­i­tion as one of the most diverse and tech­ni­cally per­fect pro­duc­ers of nowa­days’ club music and dubtech­head HUBBLE from Italy are just a few more to be men­tioned of the line up for this night. a list of fine djs round up that night and addi­tion­ally to all the great musi­cians we were able to assign TRANSFORMA to take over the visual part of this night, a
group of artists, whose work, always being highly rhyth­mic, dig­i­tal yet hand­crafted and visu­ally chal­leng­ing, has been used by artists like APPARAT and others.


pre sale: 13€ // box office 15€   Start 24:00

Sunday, aug 21th – Chez Jackie

DEAD FADER vs. DEVILMAN (overkill, 3by3, dj scotch egg) — live
HECQ (hymen, ad noiseam; kalei­doskop) — live
KARSTEN PFLUM (hymen, ad noiseam, mind­waves music) — live
BADUN (not applic­a­ble, mind­waves music) — live
DALGLISH (h.p.l.l., ideal, o.s.t.) — live
SOFUS FORSBERG (jenka music, mind­waves music) — live
LARS FROM MARS (pueblo nuevo) — live
HURON (crazy lan­guage) — live
AXIOM (crazy lan­guage) — dj

visu­als: SARGE GRAFX (crazy language)

The last day of the Krake Fes­ti­val being hosted by MINDWAVES MUSIC and CRAZY LANGUAGE and is meant to calm down the spir­its and ner­vous of our guests as well as every­body involved. With a strong focus on ambi­ent and IDM this event will start in the early evening so peo­ple can hang out on the ter­race and watch the sun­set while lis­ten­ing to artists such as the lovely duo BADUN from Den­mark or LARS FROM MARS, a grown up nerd hav­ing sev­eral pro­fes­sor­ships on elec­tronic music all over the world. He will def­i­nitely leave you with your mouth open. Later in the evening you can also enter the dance­floor with IDM and dub­step tunes.

Rather known for his dark dub­step is HECQ, who will pre­pare a spe­cial show fit­ting the needs of this night. The excel­lent side­pro­ject DALGLISH of mas­ter of dark­ness Chris Dou­glas alias O.S.T. and other spe­cial guests (now revealed in the lineup) will be a guar­an­tee to make this last night of the fes­ti­val an appro­pri­ate one.



pre sale: 6€ // box office 8€   Start 18:00