KRAKE FESTIVAL is an annual Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music organised by Killekill. Spread across selected locations from 23rd July onwards, the one-week festival is determined to showcase a vivid program of live performances, DJ sets and a variety of visual and performance arts that step outside the boundaries of ordinary club affairs. KRAKE is not about genres or hype, it’s about unheard music, surprising performances and a down-to-earth attitude bringing the right vibe for an unforgettable musical experience.

The festival starts on MONDAY at Silent Green, a beautiful former crematorium in the north of Berlin, which has been operating as an art and cultural center for a few years only. Its remarkable octagonal domed room offers the perfect surrounding to host performances outside the usual club context. Raster-Noton’s Byetone presents his recent project, which combines his typical rhythmical sound with a projection of spiral floods of colour. Mary Ocher, known for addressing discomforts and tensions in our society with her polarising performances, appears solo with her beautiful piano playing supporting her stunning voice. MNM, comprised of the Hiroshima born sound artist Mieko Suzuki and Christian Graupner, introduce their multimedia installation/interactive concert, which has been explored in clubs as well as art places like the Centre Pompidou.

On WEDNESDAY we head to Griessmühle for a showcase of Eomac’s label Eotrax. The label-boss himself presents the world-premiere of his a/v live show ‘Reconnect AV’ in collaboration with Sal Stapleton. Manifesting the visual representation of his new album, Eomac delves deep into the process of reconnection by using his own dance and body movements as the starting point of this show. The aim is to lead the audience away from technology and back to nature- “from chaos to balance, uncertainty to peace, imprisonment to freedom – reflected through the raw, fragile, powerful, vulnerable human body”.Eomac is joined by no-one less
than Paula Temple, a fixed constant in the scene for her high-octane hybrid sets, who will release on Eotrax later this year. Nene H., another label newcomer, brings her rebellious approach to music and identity, alongside other killer acts on the bill.

The Krake weekend kicks off on FRIDAY daytime at Urban Spree with the legendary Krake Label Boutique, a small record fair bringing together Berlin’s underground music labels with around 50 imprints displaying and offering their work in the beautiful outside area. Next to DJ sets and surprise performances rounding off the day, the raffle, which has taken place for the last two years, is a chance to win electronic music production equipment and cool stuff once again! The night opens with”The Quest for a Real Hard Hob”. Originally shown at this year’s Berlinale, the silent animated movie on the dystopian sci-fi tip is completed by a live score from Andrew Millington on drums and cello, and Dave Senan on electronics. During the night expect extraordinary performances in the vast warehouse-like gallery space of Urban Spree, including a rare live performance from extreme vocalist Tim Exile, a multi-hour ambient jam by Transistors of Mercy, and a sound installation titled ‘Sonic Robots’ by Moritz Simon Geist, whose robotic sculptures are played live as a music instrument presenting his new album. Also, Onkyo Riegel, a project by Matthias Mayer and Khan of Finland, merge 30 tape recorders playing with live vocals by Khan.While the basement is taken over by DJs showcasing the labels involved in the market, the Concert Room focuses on bands, live acts and DJs experimenting with the darker side of techno. Constantly reinventing himself as a musician, T.Raumschmiere joins forces with 21 Downbeat- an electronic band including several artists with disabilities determined to ignore genre boundaries to arrive at their own explorative take on electronic music. Thomas P Heckmann plays one of his EBM-fueled techno sets in between Aja’s psychosexual rhythmic noise and the incredible punk-techno duo Coal.

On SATURDAY night Krake embarks onto more than 36 festival hours where anything goes, whether it’s electro, techno, acid, wave or miami bass. Griessmühle, one of Berlin’s most renowned clubbing institutions, is located right next to the canal. Each of its three floors -Club Floor, Silo, and Garden – has a distinct atmosphere, which complements the musical diversity happening all weekend. Making a rare Berlin appearance, industrial techno pioneer JK Flesh is set to initiate an unrelentingly raw and bass-driven set. Stanislav Tolkachev’s live performance demonstrates his mind-twisting approach to dynamic textures and psychedelic layers, while electro-mastermindCarl Finlow is due to take you on a ride through his impressive repertoire of melodies and sound. Represented by Felix K, Presha and Pessimist, a Samurai Music / Horo showcase is on the cards, Alienata & Reka unite for an in-depth b2b session and Max Durante is guaranteed to take things down the darker route crossing over acid, electro and techno. You’ll also encounter post-punk & EBM label Fleisch, featuring Spoiled Drama and Halv Drøm, as well as Lecken, the queer party crew that always casts a positive spell over their loyal crowd.

These are just a few highlights next to many more acts that fuel this year’s Krake finale.

Come on down with us!