Alex Cortex @ Krake Festival 2014

Alex Cor­tex’ live set for Krake Fes­ti­val 2014 at Sui­cide­Cir­cus Berlin

Patrik Skoog Aka Agaric @ Krake Festival 2014 (Excerpt)


Spy DJ @Krake Festival 2014

This acid sound! We still remem­ber every­body danc­ing at the Sui­cide Cir­cus Main Floor! Enjoy Spy DJ @Krake Fes­ti­val 2014!

Signal Deluxe @Krake Festival 2014

Lis­ten to live-set record­ing of Sig­nal Deluxe! Have a nice week­end all!

Hycon at Krake Festival

Enjoy this groovy sound! Cheers!

Sebastian Koekow @Krake Festival 2014

We had a blast with Sebas­t­ian Koekow at Sui­cide Cir­cus on Fri­day 8th of August in Krake Fes­ti­val 2014.
Do you remember?

Swarm Intelligence at Krake Festival 2014

Hi there,

You can also fol­low us on sound​cloud​.com/​k​r​a​k​e​-​f​e​s​t​i​val

We will keep post­ing out­stand­ing ses­sions that hap­pened at Krake Fes­ti­val over the years! Enjoy!


Thank you all! We had a blast at Krake Fes­ti­val 2014! See you in Krake Fes­ti­val 2015! Stay tuned!